wtorek, 3 października 2017

czwartek, 28 września 2017

Ceramic bead necklace and yesterday photo shoot

Hi everyone

Today I want to show you my ceramic bead necklace. I made this one from copper and beautiful ceramic bead. Bead is simple and elegant, the color is amazing one of my favorite. Reminds me of fresh eggplant skin. Smooth and shiny. The waves are slightly steampunk.
Enough about this its time to show you this elegant beautie.


Dziś chcę Wam pokazać mój nowy naszyjnik z wisiorem. Stworzyłam go z miedzi oraz ceramicznego koralika. Koralik jest prosty i elegancki, jego kolor to jeden z moich ulubionych. Przypomina mi skórkę dojrzałego bakłażana.Gładki i błyszczący. Sploty wisior są lekko steampunkowe. Ale dość opisów czas by go pokazać.

środa, 27 września 2017

Pomodoro Technique and burning passion / Technika Pomidora i słomiany zapał


Some time ago I started to pay more attention to my shop on etsy. I would like to reach more people with my jewelry. I love making jewelry but I also love when you buy and wear my jewelry :)
Unfortunately I have a problem with regularity and I "suffer" from a burning passion. I decided to fight this!
On the internet I found a method with the grateful name Pomodoro, this technique teaches us to work with time. It's a time management technique developed by Francesco Cirillo in the late 1980s, he has the idea to use a timer to break down a task into work intervals separated by short breaks. For example you work 25 minutes and take a 5 minute break to check your phone or email or take a short exercises. Repeat, you can take also long break 30 minutes. Mayby go for a walk?

More about this technique you can find here:

So it's work for me. I also limited social media time. I used to watch series and movies during work, I have not done it from some time now. I'm more focused on work. I hope that you can see the effects in my jewelry.


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